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Lisa Levine is a well known cantor, composer, worship artist, author, poet, recording artist and yoga prayer facilitator. She has been building bridges between people of all faith traditions through music for more than 30 years. Lisa is a RYT500 and shares Yoga Shalom as well as music and chaplaincy in conferences and zoom rooms around the country.

Sing a New Song

This anthem was inspired on one of my visits to the Redwood Forest where I spent my childhood fishing, hiking, and camping on the Klamath River. The words of the Prophet Isaiah were my jumping-off point to express my prayer for our planet and our responsibility to care for our precious earth. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I had creating.

This Holy Place - CD Cover

This Holy Place CD

Yoga Shalom

Sound of Your Soul

Sound of Your Soul” is 14 original Jewish Yoga chants which were created to back track and accompany Lisa’s Yoga Shalom practices. They are also meant for sacred chant, meditation and deep listening.

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Heart of Light: Poems of Longing, Loss, & Life

Best known for her healing and worship music, Lisa shares her deeply personal insights and reflections in this, her first collection of poetry. Inspired by her service in chaplaincy, Heart of Light carries us on a journey of spiritual awareness and mindfulness, opening new windows of understanding into the joys and devastations of life. Paired with beautiful and colorful artwork by the acclaimed songwriter Julie Silver, the words burst out of the pages with great meaning and depth. Meant for use in worship, prayer, chaplaincy, meditation and healing, Heart of Light prompts us to create our own, unique ways of grasping and expressing the complexities of the world around us.

"The prayers in this volume are honest and real in their eloquent simplicity. They speak directly to the heart, to the fullness of the human condition and to our most basic yearning for meaning. There is great redemptive power in the beauty of the visual arts and the power of poetic expression. Dive in and then linger a while." - Rabbi Karyn Kedar author of Amen: Seeking Presence with Prayer, Poetry, and Mindfulness Practice

Lisa Levine dedicates her poetry collection, Heart of Light, To everyone who has suffered loss. It is with that devotion - and in that spirit - that these messages from her own heart unfold. She shares the intimacy of loss with her reader and offers solace through her prayerful, earth-based, mystical Jewish perspective. In “Aliyah,” she shares her blessing for all of us: “Shalom, Salaam, Peace. Going up, way up.”

Jospel Jam - CD

Jospel Jam features some new melodies, old texts and remixes of classic hits. Jewish Gospel is the theme and these prayers and anthems will give you plenty to use for your choirs, Thanksgiving and Interfaith gatherings, church services and synagogue prayer whenever you wish to bridge the divide between faiths and cultures.

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Bridge To Peace – Gesher L’Shalom

Bridge to Peace is Cantor Lisa Levine’s most recent project which promotes healing and non-violence. The compositions range from prayers to anthems and are beautifully produced by Sam Glaser.

Lisa is often featured in Press for her thoughtful articles

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Reflecting on My Visit with Cuba's Jewish Community Just Before the Pandemic Began

When I returned from my sixth Jewish humanitarian mission to the island of Cuba at the beginning of February, little did I know that the entire world would be in quarantine only a month later. It now feels like a miracle that we were all able to be together.

I first visited the country in 2005 and wrote about my fifth visit in 2019. In the 15 years since I began visiting the island, I’ve witnessed incredible growth within the community, as well as the continued struggle and survival of those who live within the confines of Cuban society. I’ve also had the joy of seeing the young children I led in song grow into competent leaders of prayer and Torah, as well as proficient performers of Israeli and Cuban dance.

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Lisa Levine

Reform Judaism Blog

My Love Affair With Cuba

The story of the Jews of Cuba is all at once tragic and triumphant. The Jewish population before the Cuban Revolution in 1959 was 15,000. Jewish merchant communities came to the island from all over the world to find their fortunes in tobacco, rum, textiles, and sugar cane. They built magnificent synagogues: Beit Shalom, the Patronato Jewish Community Center, The Sephardic Synagogue, and Beit YaAkov, the Orthodox Synagogue, which houses a beautiful upstairs museum sanctuary.

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Lisa Levine


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Cantor Lisa Levine, ordained as Ritual Artist and Rabbinic Pastor through Aleph Alliance for Jewish Renewal, is creating meaningful Jewish Lifecycle Rituals for all occasions.

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