Heart of Light: Poems of Longing, Loss, & Life




“Lisa Levine is a Lightbeam of creative energy. In this varied collection of poetry, she reveals the depths of her perceptions while transporting us on a journey to engage with the people, places, and issues she holds dear. And she brings us into this present moment in which we are all grappling with very new and very old situations – disease, aging, death, family, memories, the natural world, travel, holiness, heartbreak, and perseverance. How do we move through this life? How do we find the courage to face our fears? As a Cantor, Rabbinic Pastor, and Chaplain, Reb Lisa reveals the wisdom of her experience and invites us to go within to find solace and insight through our innate spiritual awareness. Each poem asks us to stop, listen, and receive the truth of what she has learned. The words are magical, flowing, and they ask us to reframe what we thought we already knew and what we take for granted. Lisa has encountered loss and adversity, yet she continues to soar and create beauty in the world. So can we! And her poems guide us on our way.”— Rabbi Hanna Tiferet Siegel

Cost is $22.50 + $2.50 for shipping and handling

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