In addition to being an accomplished musician, Lisa enjoys writing and has shared her work in the books below as well as in her newsletters and blog postings.

Heart of Light: Poems of Longing, Loss, & Life

Best known for her healing and worship music, Lisa shares her deeply personal insights and reflections in this, her first collection of poetry. Inspired by her service in chaplaincy, Heart of Light carries us on a journey of spiritual awareness and mindfulness, opening new windows of understanding into the joys and devastations of life. Paired with beautiful and colorful artwork by the acclaimed songwriter Julie Silver, the words burst out of the pages with great meaning and depth. Meant for use in worship, prayer, chaplaincy, meditation and healing, Heart of Light prompts us to create our own, unique ways of grasping and expressing the complexities of the world around us.

"The prayers in this volume are honest and real in their eloquent simplicity. They speak directly to the heart, to the fullness of the human condition and to our most basic yearning for meaning. There is great redemptive power in the beauty of the visual arts and the power of poetic expression. Dive in and then linger a while." - Rabbi Karyn Kedar author of Amen: Seeking Presence with Prayer, Poetry, and Mindfulness Practice

Lisa Levine dedicates her poetry collection, Heart of Light, To everyone who has suffered loss. It is with that devotion - and in that spirit - that these messages from her own heart unfold. She shares the intimacy of loss with her reader and offers solace through her prayerful, earth-based, mystical Jewish perspective. In “Aliyah,” she shares her blessing for all of us: “Shalom, Salaam, Peace. Going up, way up.”

Yoga Shalom

Yoga Shalom Leaders Guide

Yoga Shalom is Book/DVD/CD which presents a unique worship experience that brings together body, mind, and spirit for an extraordinary prayer service. Combining the two powerful spiritual disciplines of Jewish worship and yoga practice, Yoga Shalom leads to deeper understandings of both, or as author Lisa Levine writes of her initial forays into yoga as a cantorial student, “I learned to be more present in my prayers and meditations so I could better pray with and on behalf of my congregation.” Yoga Shalom can be adapted and the postures customized for your congregation, studio, or private practice, and can be done in the community of a class or in the privacy of your own home. As an alternative to the traditional prayer service, Yoga Shalom can engage and unite your professional staff, lay leadership, and community. Whether you have no yoga experience or have been practicing for years, and regardless of your age or abilities, Yoga Shalom will help you relax your body, calm your mind, and nurture your spirit. Yoga Shalom brings Jewish worship into sharp focus by clearly explaining each of the prayers, their connections to yoga and context of the service as well as kavannot, interpretive writings which add depth and creativity to each chapter.

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