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Cantor Lisa Levine is a worship artist, songwriter, ritual artist, recording artist, concert artist and yoga prayer facilitator. She has been building bridges between people of all faith traditions for more than 30 years. Lisa works with youth choirs, teen choirs, adult choirs and bands to create a unique and spiritual weekend of music, movement, chant, meditation and healing.

Shushan Blues - Lyrics

Just in time for Purim, download Shushan Blues. Music and Lyrics by Lisa Levine and Lynn Metrik.

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Bridge To Peace – Gesher L’Shalom

Bridge to Peace is Cantor Lisa Levine’s most recent project which promotes healing and non-violence. The compositions range from prayers to anthems and are beautifully produced by Sam Glaser.

Lisa is often featured in Press for her thoughtful articles

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How About Some Composers Who Are Women Cantors?

When I founded the Women Cantors’ Network in 1982, there were very few women who composed cantorial music. In fact, music often had to be adjusted for the voice of a woman cantor, sometimes even rewritten. But today, there are dozens of incredible women cantors who are composing for the synagogue. In the era of #MeToo, it is more important than ever that congregations #HearOurVoice and create spiritually safe places that respect women and use our work.


Cantor Lisa Levine. Lisa is a worship artist, songwriter, recording artist, and yoga prayer facilitator, who has been writing music for over 30 years. She created “Yoga Shalom,” combining Yoga and Jewish prayerful movement and worship. Her songbooks and CDs are numerous and well received, though I love her “Mi Sheberach” and “V’shamru” in particular. These tunes are essential parts of my Shabbat services, bringing an easy singing and soulful quality to song and worship.

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Deborah Katchko Gray

Israel: My Foundation Of Faith

There are a lot of things we might disagree on when discussing the land of Israel.

Politically, socially and from a human rights perspective I don’t always agree with what’s going on in the government. I always tend to rely on my relationships with family and friends who live in Israel, delighting in what’s happening in their lives and supporting them in every way possible. Our homeland is a complicated and diverse place filled with wonderful sights, food, music, and culture and I’ll always be grateful for the strong foundation I have been gifted with my time there. Without my connection to Israel and her people I would not have two of the greatest blessings in my life: career and faith. I grew up in the southern San Juaquin Valley of Bakersfield, California which is an agricultural mecca and the center of the food basket of America. I loved gardening and backpacking and singing and playing guitar. My parents were founders of the Reform congregation there and I got my spark for music and faith from my teacher at camp, the late, great, Debbie Friedman. When I was 16 years old my parents sent me to Israel on the Kibbutz Aliyah summer work program for eight weeks. I lived on Kibbutz Enat near Petach Tikva. I worked weeding cotton fields, cleaning the kitchen, and traveling around the country.

That trip changed my life.

I fell in love with the land, culture, food, and music of Israel and made lifelong friends that summer. While I didn’t know Hebrew, my guitar did all the talking and I loved learning and sharing the Israeli and Yiddish folks songs I learned on the Kibbutz and busking folk music in the streets of Jerusalem. After that summer I made regular trips to Israel to visit my family and friends and decided to spend my junior year abroad studying at Hebrew University and the Ruben Academy of Music. My decision to study in Israel was largely motivated by my goal to apply to the Hebrew Union College—School of Sacred Music in New York City and I had to improve my Hebrew proficiency in order to do that.

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Lisa Levine


Cantor Lisa Levine, ordained as Ritual Artist and Rabbinic Pastor through Aleph Alliance for Jewish Renewal, is creating meaningful Jewish Lifecycle Rituals for all occasions.

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