Well of Compassion

March 2019

Dear Friends,

Recently I had the honor of teaching music and chaplaincy at SLBC a.k.a. Song Leader Boot Camp, the national leadership conference created and led by Rick and Elisa Recht. My plan and been to take my class through a long handout I had created outlining various programs and music I use for residents at facilities I serve as a chaplain. However, after a few days of sitting in high energy and mind engaging workshops I decided to switch gears and slow down my offering with sacred chant, silence and deep listening. The process of tuning into self care and daily practice changed the entire tone of the time we spent together. It made me realize how my own daily practice has influenced my style of teaching and learning. Daily practice helps me open a well of compassion space within me which constantly flows and replenishes my Neshama , my soul, giving me added empathy and strength. It also gives me what I need in order to be fully present both in prayer AND for the people I care for. Visualizing the flowing well helps me keep my heart and ears open and my mouth closed!

My prayer for all of us this month of Adar II, when we celebrate our survival from the wicked and evil Haman, is that each of us finds our own daily practice which helps keep the deep well of compassion flowing.


Reb Lisa

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