We Plan God Laughs

February 2019

Dear Friends,

I’ve always been a big planner. I get it from my grandmother and mom who, in the middle of one meal began planning for the next! The phrase “We plan and God laughs” is something I’ve heard repeated over the years and never really integrated, until death, the ultimate teacher, came calling. Nonetheless, I’ve continued to calendar out my life according to the Jewish holidays, needs of my congregation and family, plowing forward with the intention of being everything to everyone and assuming and trusting that all will be well. As I write this short message I’m ailing from a virus I picked up at the OHALAH Conference. As I sit here, resting and drinking tea by the fire, my wonderful plans and preparations for the MLK Weekend and Shabbat Shira have been scrapped. It will be the first time in two dozen years I have not carried out these plans and am feeling quite powerless. In past years I probably would have forced myself out and kept on going, ignoring my body for the sake of greater good and wanting desperately not to disappoint myself and others. Today, I’m listening to my body, realizing that without self care, the planning and schedule I keep, is not sustainable.

Planning is wonderful and gives us much to look forward to. The present moment is about listening to what we need to keep our minds, bodies and spirits whole and healthy! Without our health, plans are futile.

May we all plan well and when the Holy One Laughs, may we listen and learn.


Reb Lisa

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