Sorting The Silver

April 2019

Dear Friends,

When I was 8 years old the Bakersfield Californian newspaper came to our house and took a picture of my family at our Passover table. My father was the President of the Temple and a leader in the business community and the paper wanted to help educated the mostly non-Jewish community about the significance and meaning of the favorite home holiday. I still have that picture and it reminds me that the very essence of our lives is centered around our festival tables. When I pull out the china and the silver pieces passed down to me from my parents and choose the recipes for my Seder passed down from my grandmother, it brings me right back to the childhood which nurtured my Jewish spirit and calling.

Soon we will gather around our holiday tables over delicious food with family and friends. All the sounds and smells and songs will help us celebrate our freedom and activate the DNA of memory locked into that childhood place and time. These treasured memories still bring me a sense of deep gratitude and appreciation for all the blessings in my life today. My prayer is that they do for you as well.

Wishing all of us a sweet, joyous and healthy Passover Season filled with good food, friends and sweet memories.


Reb Lisa

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