The Practice Of Forgiveness

October 2019

Dear Friends,

I am sorry.
I was wrong.
Please forgive me.

Three little words said in three different ways that are so simple. Yet sometimes, so difficult to admit, so difficult to say.

These 10 days during this season of Repentance is all about those three little words. Yet so many times we apologize, we explain, we admit we are wrong and we are still not forgiven. Am I able to let go of others who refuse to forgive me even though I’ve apologized? The same applies to those who wish our forgiveness and we withhold it because our hearts are closed. Opening our forgiveness in both directions is a practice that takes practice!

My prayer for us this month is that we let go of what we cannot control, find forgiveness when we can and open our hearts to kindness and compassion, especially for ourselves.


Reb Lisa

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