Mending Hearts Making Peace

September 2019

Dear Friends,
I feel very lucky and blessed to be part of a very active and supportive Interfaith community at the Beach Communities in Rehoboth, DE. I have been super busy organizing the kick off concert for Peace Week Delaware which will coincide with the beginning of the High Holy Day Season. The concert and rally the day after are a collaborative effort which will involve area churches, musical artists, clergy and people of all ages and faiths who are committed and determined to promote peace and dialogue between our diverse communities. Mending hearts and making peace begins with our own ability to listen, understand and be empathetic to others of differing beliefs and opinions. It also means standing together against the injustice and hate which pervades the world today. I believe that through song and prayer we can change the world and make a small difference which impacts many. It’s never easy to go against the haters and nay sayers, much less to speak out against these things in a public way an increasingly unwelcoming environment. It’s our charge and our responsibility and I’m so thankful to belong to a community in which this is a priority. 
My prayer for all of us as we prepare for the coming High Holy Day Season, is that we make space within our minds and hearts for true self awareness.May we not be blind to our own prejudices and judgments. May we become resilient and able overcome the challenges which face us in these troubling times. Prayer, repentance and charity temper the outcome of our future and our faith, but only with self truth can we change the world.
Wishing everyone a safe, secure and meaningful Rosh Hashanah and healthy and joyous New Year! Stay in touch and I hope to see many of you in the coming year!
Reb Lisa
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