Pass Time With Good Company

November 2019

Dear Friends,

In 1982 I had just returned from a year in Israel and was thrust back into University of California Irvine music school life. One of the highlights of every year at UCI was our annual Madrigal Dinner which recreates a historical Holiday Dinner during the time of King Henry the VIII. Apparently that year, I played Anne Boleyn, a role which was awesome, albeit temporary! My memories of the Madrigal Dinner that year are fuzzy but there is one overall theme I can recall well: the community and camaraderie of everyone there united by our choral director Joseph Huzsti. Dr. Huzsti spotted me at a solo competition in Bakersfield when I was 14 years of age and changed the trajectory of my life by offering me a vocal scholarship to U.C. Irvine. It set me on the path of my vocal career and I’m grateful to him and his leadership at U.C.I. I’m traveling back there this month for a Madrigal Dinner Choir Reunion and I’m sure the memories will come flooding back to me in clearer detail. What remains in my heart is a secure feeling that sharing music and singing together is what makes life rich and meaningful. I’ll also be returning to share Shabbat with my first student college congregation Temple Beth David, Westminster and then with my hometown Temple Beth El family. I feel truly blessed to have these deep roots which continue to inspire me today!
My prayer for all of us is that we give blessing for all the particular wonderful moments, relationships and communities which have changed our lives for the good. May we stay fully present so that we may pass time with good company, mindfully with open hearts! (can you spot me in the picture?? Hint: look low to the right .I’m petite!)


Reb Lisa

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