Into Dark Places

Fractionated light shines through the clouds

Casting a glimmer over the rain drenched trees

Red and orange yellow and brown

as the seasons turn from light to darkness

The warmth of the suns rays

penetrate the eerie sky

bring a sense of hope

And peace to my heart

So many memories of love and friendship

So many moments of strife and disappointment

Through the devastation of my life

People who shine like rays of light

Bring me back to what really matters

What is it that really motivates me?

What is it that I truly need?

In order to feel whole and fulfilled

Sometimes the Devil really is in the details

Sometimes its impossible

To separate myself from the task at hand

Just like the leaves falling from the trees

And the rain falling from the sky

All part of the regeneration of life

So too

I must continually say goodbyes

in order for that rebirth

To happen

And though it’s painful

And there is much grief involved

There is also much promise

There are no regrets

Maybe tinged with sadness there are things

I would have done differently

But at my core I have not changed

I am still the feisty opinionated strong gutsy

And loving person I have always been.

That seed was planted in death

And the grief of death from my beloved ones

Has grown into a strong sapling

Ready to become a mighty oak.

And so our lives

are a series of growths from strength to strength

From death to life

From hellos and goodbyes

To love and hate

From laughter and tears

To dancing and mourning

From triumphs and disappointments

To deep learning

deep gratitude

unfathomable intentional being.

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