Going Up!

June 2019

Dear Friends,

The first time I went up to Jerusalem I was 16 years old. The Christian leader of a group of faithful believers from the kibbutz I was living on for the summer took me on my first pilgrimage. Our first stop was inside the Jaffa gate toward the Armenian quarter to visit a potter named Vic. Since then whenever I come up to Jerusalem Vics shop is my first stop. I can order a custom made tile and it will be ready for me before I leave the old city. This trip was no exception. When I entered the shop I was greeted warmly and although I don’t think he remembered me I reminded VIC that I’ve been visiting for more than 40 years. Today his son and grandson are running the shop and three generations of artists create lasting memories for those visiting a Jerusalem. It’s a familiar and warm way to begin my adventures in all four corners of the old city! The light that fills my heart from that familiar journey up will certainly abide with me until the next time I go up.

Sending love and tidings from Israel and prayers for peace for the world!


Reb Lisa

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