The Linden Tree

The linden tree is starting to bloom

It dies off each year

And loses its leaves

Baring the beautiful branches

To the cold winter and yet

With the first sign of spring

Gives me a little temptation

It pops again and is reborn

Soon it will be covered

With full green, lush foliage

Providing shade and shelter

Home to the lost

So too that spirit

Which has left its body

Escaping the earth and leaving behind

Pained and hurting the living

I am bereft

At the loss of my loves

My soul branches bare and raw to the cold

My heart laid open to the ravages of loss

And yet…

When a light of memory

Shines in to warm my grieving

My flame is reborn

The leaves of love

Are the foliage

The lush remembrances of words

The warm feeling of embraces

I am sheltered

I am shaded

I am certain

That everything

Returns to the Source.

Tree and branch

Wind and leaf

Fir and frond

Arms and eyes and lips and hearts.

Soul memory

Intertwined with my branches

Love is never lost.

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