In The Blink Of An Eye

August 2019

Dear Friends,

Life certainly has its ups and downs. July was a roller coaster of tragedy, celebration, joy and back to devastation for me. The month began with the sad news of the death of a beloved lifelong friend and another tragic accidental death of the child of a colleague. It seemed that bad news led to more bad news. Nonetheless, with great excitement, I headed off with my husband Andy and children Emily and Louis, on our first ever adult family vacation in celebration of my 60th birthday. It was joyous and beautiful to be together. Afterward, I spent the week in retreat at Ruach HaAretz, studying the cultivation of joy with Rabbi Shefa Gold and meditation practice with Rabbi Jeff Roth. I was flying high with learning and gratitude when I answered the phone call telling me my mother-in-law, Louise had been taken to the hospital. We all expected that she would pull through and bounce back as she had so many times before. This time was different. Louise died suddenly leaving us shocked and devastated. I learned, once again, that in the blink of an eye life changes and that our control over it is ALWAYS mitigated by reality. Rabbi Jeff taught that meditation helps me respond to life instead of reacting to it. Rabbi Shefa taught me that maintaining my spiritual Sovereignty keeps me grounded no matter what happens. As a result of the wisdom from my teachers that week, I was able to stay calm and focused on the task of responding, so that I could help myself and my family deal with Louise’s death. Zichrona livracha. May her name be for a blessing!

We blink our eyes more than 20,000 times each day! Each and every blink brings a new a opportunity for wisdom, growth, change and measured response to what life holds for us. May we use each blink to stay in the moment and cultivate ways which are positive, loving and kind.


Reb Lisa

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