Changing Direction: Stepping Into The Unknown

February 2018

Dear Friends,

Yesterday three seed catalogues arrived in my mailbox and my first thought was: what? Already? It seems like we just finished putting the garden to sleep for the winter and here we are ordering the seeds for spring. Life is like that too, it goes in frequent cycles which seem to come upon us quickly. For me, one cycle is ending as I prepare to step down from full time pulpit work after almost 30 years. It’s hard to imagine not doing what I know best. How do I pull back and change direction? I’ve spent the past 5 years learning and preparing for Rabbinic Chaplaincy and I feel ready to step into that role more fully. I know that sowing the seeds of change will take a lot of faith, hard work and patience. It’s scary to move toward the unknown.

The Jewish people have had plenty of experience with that, beginning with our Exodus from Egypt and more recently…my own family who left their shtetl and made their way across Europe to board ships to NYC with little more that a few kopeks and the cloths on their back. Our shared history gives me hope for my own journey. Today, so many are struggling to find their way in new lands and I’m grateful to have the gifts and blessings which enable me to change direction and continue my work helping others in times of need. Doing so gives me the opportunity to slow down and do the things that bring me joy.

My prayer for this month leading into Adar is that we each find our own joy and make our own way in whichever direction our heart and hands are calling!



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