Hineini: Here I Am

March 2018

Dear Friends,

The theme of Song Leader Boot Camp which I recently attended in St. Louis was: Hineini : Here I Am. This is the Hebrew word which expresses our willingness to show up, be fully present and bring all we have to every moment. I felt as though I truly learned the meaning of that word as I listened to peoples stories, made new friends and soaked up all the wisdom and music my spirit needed. I know that my yoga practice and chaplaincy helped me do that and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to use those skills to learn from so many talented and inspired students and teachers.

My prayer for all of us this month is that everyone takes time to find the strength inside to stand strong and utter the word: Hineini, here I am! Whether it be for our health, our calling, our passions or our determination to make this world a better place. let’s join hands together and make the word Hineini really matter.



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