January 2018

Dear Friends,

I’m watching the snow fall gently outside my window as the cold seems to settle over the trees and put everything to sleep.  Sitting in by the fire it is cozy and warm and I feel a blanket of blessing descending down around me giving me the sense of peace and contentment. I’m practicing this moment of mindfulness with intention and silence and breath.

My sense of well being is born from the knowledge that I’ve worked hard, done well and stand on the precipice of a new chapter of my own life. All of us have those moments. Change is happening and we slow ourselves down to be able to experience that fully.  I’m enjoying every quiet minute in preparation for what comes next.

After 7 years of deep, intensive study and learning with brilliant teachers, on January 7th  I will be Ordained as Rabbinic Pastor through Aleph Alliance for Jewish Renewal!  During the ceremony there will be a transmission of responsibility and holiness placed upon me by my teachers, as I take my place with the next generation of Jewish leaders to fulfill my calling of Rabbi and Pastor.  This is not something I take lightly, for this transmission carries with it the weight of my people, a role which brings with it new challenges as well as opportunities.  With all that I have learned from my incredible mentors, teachers and scholars, this transmission means that they feel I am finally ready to begin teaching what I have learned in the pursuit of guiding the next generation of Am Yisrael is the ways of our history, culture, identity, belief and practice.  My transition to a Renewal Butterfly is almost complete.  I am ready to fly off and begin pollinating the flowers of Healing Renewal everywhere I go!  My teacher Rabbi Hanna Tiferet has given me a holy vision: like a fairy with a wand, I imagine myself flying around blessing everyone I greet and in turn, I will be blessed!

What a way to start out the year 2018!

I invite you to view the ceremony LIVE and join me in this sacred moment of Transmission!

Sunday, January 7th at 5 p.m. EST or watch whenever you wish!

Click Here To View Live Stream

Many Blessings,


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