Am Yisrael Viva Cuba

February 2020

Dear Friends,

Cuba is a complicated place. I just completed my 6th humanitarian mission and it proved to be every bit as rewarding and meaningful as the previous ones. Once again I witnessed a deep sense of love, family and appreciation for life that I cannot adequately convey. With limited resources, few material possessions and a very small protected view of the world, the Jewish community members of Cuba lack for nothing when it comes to the awareness of the blessings of their life. On this mission I’ve seen children I’ve known grow into competent teachers of torah and leaders of prayer. I’ve seen the growth and strengthening of the Jewish community in remarkable and astounding ways which inspire and motivate me to continue supporting them. Our humanitarian gifts assist the communities greatly, but I was told over and over that my visit was the gift and my music was the blessing they treasured. I’m certain that the Jewish people are well and thriving in Cuba, despite the difficult conditions the country faces and the lack of everyday basic needs like food, medicine and sundries. This mission provided gifts to 7 Jewish communities in Cuba and made me more determined than ever to visit the island again soon to reconnect with the beautiful souls and spirits which have drawn me to that community for all these years. Hasta luego, Am Yisrael chai and Viva Cuba!


Reb Lisa

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