Riding the Wave

March 2020

​Dear Friends,

It’s been nearly three weeks since we returned from our Jewban adventure and I’m still riding the wave of the transformational experience. I’ve been asked over and over again why the Jews of Cuba don’t just leave. The answer is complicated and has to do with their love for their island and their community. They build living Judaism as though it is their life vest to generational purpose and meaning. Witnessing that commitment and dedication inspires and gives me hope that even in these dark times, we shall overcome the forces which would destroy us and subjugate our freedoms. As Purim nears, the month of Adar reminds us that there have always been those who seek to undermine and hurt our people. The Jews of Cuba are a living example that courage and strength will unite us to form a bond which cannot be broken. I am just beginning to form another Humanitarian Mission to Cuba to happen during Purim about a year from now. If you wish to travel with me to experience Cuba first hand and lend your energies to helping this faithful community, please be in touch!

I’m also riding the wave of great excitement as I announce my extended Artist-in- Residency at Temple Rodef Torah in Marlborough NJ. TRT is a vibrant and creative center for Jewish music and cutting edge worship and I’m thrilled and honored to be joining the TRT Staff and family. Watch my events section for dates and appearances.

Every day there are opportunities for us to bring healing and solace through good deeds, kindness, music and prayer. May we all find our particular way to influence and change the world, one person and one meaningful relationship at a time. May the joy we feel at this season help us ‘ride the wave’ to our own personal freedom and redemption, which is nearing as we approach the Passover season!


Reb Lisa

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