Positive Messages

November 2017

Dear Friends,

Recently I’ve noticed myself listening to a voice in my head sending negative messages about myself to myself.  Phrases like “You could stand to lose a few pounds, you look horrible in that dress, or you’re stupid for doing that” are negative prompts that have embedded themselves into a self deprecating looping chatter.  Reprogramming these talking points is a priority as I seek to change those messages and love myself as I am.  It doesn’t mean I won’t strive to make good choices!

Try this: The next time you hear yourself thinking something negative about yourself, stop.  Take a deep breath, exhale over a count of three and say the exact opposite.  For example, if I hear myself say “yuck, my hair looks horrible today”  I stop, inhale and exhale over a count of 3 and say:  “Wow, my hair looks beautiful today and I’m great just the way I am.”  It’s really just a matter of breaking this habit, dialing down self judgement, and changing negative to positive!  I have found this practice to be helpful in improving my self image, and in turn, increasing my sense of peace and contentment.

My prayer for all of us this fall November is that the habit of looping positive messages will translate into self love, strength and fortitude for the darker, colder winter months ahead.


Cantor Lisa

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