Seeds of Change

May 2017

Dear Friends,

Recently I attended my second CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) Retreat at the beautiful Franciscan Renewal Center in Paradise Valley, AZ.  Our keynote speaker was Rev. Tom Parker a professor at Fuller Seminary and expert on Family Systems Theory.  Tom referenced Rabbi Edwin Friedman’s books and read several stories from Freidman’s Fables which taught us profound stories about selfhood, triangulating relationships and enabling others to continue their lifestyle choices and behaviors because of our own needs for control.  What I learned from Tom’s words was profound and his teachings reinforced my core beliefs that learning must lead to change.  Truth is revealed within our own strong, centered beliefs which provide the core as a check for our own reactions to stressful and toxic situations. I had precious time to reflect, share and open my heart in a vulnerable way as I shared my insights and music with colleagues from all faith backgrounds and ministries.  It was an extraordinary way to end my fourth unit of CPE training in preparation for my Ordination as a Rabbinic Pastor in January.

From tiny seeds come life giving food and fruit bearing trees.  I feel as thought the seeds I’ve planted and nurtured over the past 5 years as a CPE and Aleph Rabbinic Pastoral student have indeed, produced life changing results. I encourage you all to plant some of your own seeds by taking a class, trying something new, learning a new practice or embarking on a new adventure. Nurture yourself as you would a tiny seed.  Water well and enjoy the harvest. My adventure has been profound and changed me in ways which are just beginning to flower.



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