Cantor Lisa Levine leads and participates in various events around the calendar. She can help facilitate worship services, lead Jewish Lifecycle Rituals, and even guide your group through her Yoga Shalom program.

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Join my Yoga Shalom at Home group with 4 classes in each Monthly Series.

Free to join, donations accepted. Below are options to donate $10 for a single class or $36 for a 4 class series.

Yoga Shalom is Book/DVD/CD which presents a unique worship experience that brings together body, mind, and spirit for an extraordinary prayer service. Combining the two powerful spiritual disciplines of Jewish worship and yoga practice, Yoga Shalom leads to deeper understandings of both, or as author Lisa Levine writes of her initial forays into yoga as a cantorial student, “I learned to be more present in my prayers and meditations so I could better pray with and on behalf of my congregation.” Yoga Shalom can be adapted and the postures customized for your congregation, studio, or private practice, and can be done in the community of a class or in the privacy of your own home. As an alternative to the traditional prayer service, Yoga Shalom can engage and unite your professional staff, lay leadership, and community. Whether you have no yoga experience or have been practicing for years, and regardless of your age or abilities, Yoga Shalom will help you relax your body, calm your mind, and nurture your spirit. Yoga Shalom brings Jewish worship into sharp focus by clearly explaining each of the prayers, their connections to yoga and context of the service as well as kavannot, interpretive writings which add depth and creativity to each chapter.


  • Detailed, easy-to-follow instructions
  • Dozens of photographs
  • Advanced, gentle, and chair modifications for each posture sequence
  • 17-track CD to accompany your practice, featuring the music of well-known Jewish artists Craig Taubman, Jeff Klepper, Lisa Levine, and many more
  • Full-length DVD of the complete practice offering various levels of practice
  • Detailed description of the morning service and context of each prayer
  • The Yoga connection to each prayer
  • Beautifully written kavannot, original poems which accompany each chapter

Yoga Shalom Leaders Guide

Now, you can buy a Leaders Guide for Yoga Shalom that Lisa will ship to you.
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Lisa is ready and excited to lead your group in one of these Programs or to help you create your own!

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Jewish Lifecycle Rituals

Some of the Jewish Lifecycle Rituals Cantor Lisa performs are:

  • B’rit Milah for Baby Boys
  • B’rit HaLev for Baby Girls
  • B’nai Mitzvah Ceremonies
  • Bedeken pre-wedding ceremony
  • Jewish and Interfaith Weddings
  • Mikva rituals for marking the milestones of life
  • End of life transition
  • Sexual harassment rituals for releasing shame and pain
Yoga Shalom

Programs - Yoga Shalom

Yoga Shalom is a unique worship experience that brings together body, mind, and spirit for an extraordinary prayer service. Combining the two powerful spiritual disciplines of Jewish worship and yoga practice, Yoga Shalom leads to deeper understandings of both, or as Lisa writes of her initial forays into yoga as a cantorial student, “I learned to be more present in my prayers and meditations so I could better pray with and on behalf of my congregation.”Yoga Shalom is for everyone. The service practice can be done any time of day, on Shabbat, a Sunday afternoon or weekday evening. Yoga Shalom can be done sitting in a chair, with those of limited abilities as well as with those with advanced Yoga experience. When you bring Lisa to your community to teach, she utilizes her book and CD to elevate and transport participants to a new level of physical and spiritual awareness. Communities across the country have experienced her gentle teaching and healing style of opening the heart, quieting the mind and nurturing the spirit. Accompanied by an instructional DVD the practice can be adopted and led by anyone after Lisa has departed, either at home, at synagogue or in a studio.

Review by Lisa Traiger, arts and entertainment writer from the Washington Jewish Post: "Lisa Levine puts the om in shalom. The Chevy Chase cantor and yoga practitioner is the creator of Yoga Shalom, introducing a new way for Jews to pray using both body and soul. Levine's recently released book Yoga Shalom, which features a companion instructional DVD and CD of accompanying liturgical music, is a friendly user's guide for yoga novices and yogis alike who want to put a Jewish twist on the ancient physical and spiritual practice."

Bring Lisa to your community to lead and speak about her journey through Yoga Embodiment and prayer.

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Soulful Shabbat Ruach

Programs - Soulful Shabbat RuachSoulful Shabbat Ruach is an original Shabbat Evening Service written by Cantor Lisa Levine for her choirs, bands and congregation. It was created to appeal to young and old alike, people of different faith backgrounds and inclusiveness. The prayers are set in both Hebrew and English and meld a variety of styles including Gospel, Country, Folk, Chassidic, Country, Klezmer and Ladino. All of the choral arrangements for the songs on Soulful Shabbat Ruach are available from Transcontinental Music Publications or at The accompanying band book is available from Lisa and will be provided as part of your program. Lisa will provide all the materials you will need for your Shabbat experience! She will work with you, your choirs, your band members and accompanist to create a truly unique worship experience. Along the way Lisa will share her stories, insights into the meanings of prayers, her inspiration in writing her songs and her unique perspective on life. Put the “Jew” in 'Jewbilation' with Soulful Shabbat Ruach!

My Songs For The Jews of Cuba

Program - My Songs For The Jews of CubaThis one hour concert takes audiences around the world through Jewish music. In 2006 Lisa performed a concert in Havana, Cuba, where she adapted a concert of Jewish folksongs that she thought the Jewish community there would love. The reaction was so great, that when she returned to the states, she recorded a CD especially for the Jews of Cuba. Then she returned to Havana in 2007 to present a second concert and give a copy of the CD to every family in Cuba! Since then Lisa has returned two more times, presenting concerts and teaching the children of the Patronato Religious School. The concert begins with Ladino songs, moves to Yiddish folk songs, Cantorial gems and ends with favorite Hebrew melodies. Paired with her insightful narration and slides about her trips as the first woman cantor to perform in Cuba, audiences have been riveted by her story and stylistic renderings of the favorite songs of the Jewish people.

The Jewish Gospel Experience

Programs - The Jewish Gospel ExperienceThe word "Jospel" is the combination of the Jewish and Gospel styles of music. Over the past 25 years, Lisa's work with Interfaith, African American and Jewish choirs of all ages has inspired her to write music which melds these styles for use in community, Christian and Jewish worship settings. This concert features her original music in an uplifting, inclusive and inspiring set which includes singing, clapping and audience participation in the amazing Jewish Gospel Experience! Area gospel singers and choirs can be incorporated to create an amazing community event!

The Jews of Broadway

Programs - The Jews of BroadwayJoin Lisa as she takes you on a tour of Jewish Broadway. From Irving Berlin to George Gershwin, Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein and beyond, this one hour tour-de-force of Broadway favorites brings audiences to their feet. An informative narrative illuminating the influence of Jews on the music of Broadway makes this program a favorite of young and old alike. An ideal way to include members of your choirs and congregation who love to sing and perform Broadway!

Mending Hearts Making Peace

Programs - Mending Hearts Making PeaceLisa's work with hand drumming and sacred chant is a spiritual journey through heart opening, healing and awakening. The practice includes Kirtan chant, call and response, guided mediation and lyrical melodies meant to sooth and inspire, mend and repair the sometimes frayed edges of our hectic lives. No drumming experience necessary, only a deep desire to hear the beat of your own heart!

Nashir B'yachad: Choir Workshops

Programs - Nashir B'yachad: Choir WorkshopsLisa has been working with and writing music for her choirs of all ages for decades. She will inspire and uplift, tell stories and guide your youth, teen and adult choirs as together, we sing, pray, worship, play and dance. This workshop can be in preparation for a service or just for the fun of learning and singing Jewish music!

Song Leading 101

Programs - Song Leading 101As a NFTY and URJ Song leader Lisa grew up teaching in the URJ Camping System and mentoring young people to play and sing! Lisa will work with your teen song leaders and give them great strategies and tips on becoming the best leaders they can be. We will also learn some of the newest and most trending songs of the URJ Camping Movement.

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